Thursday, December 5, 2013

Is there a still place for Evangelism? (plus some Old Skool books on evangelism)

I'm not the first to notice that there is a lot of talk these days about being missional, intentional and incarnational. Missional strategy is good industry these days. After all, in this very complex postmodern, postChristian, Millennial, and misunderstood generation - it seems that people are now so highly evolved that we need specialists to help us feel the heartbeat of our own culture in order that we can 'engage'.

Yet, for all the specialisms, it seems that so much of that which passes for missional strategy is nothing other than rehashed marketing techniques.

I wonder, is there still a place for simple evangelism?

Very soon after becoming a Christian I was drawn to evangelism. I became involved in the 'missional activities' of my local church (door to door literature work). I got involved with local para-church outreaches such as Teen Challenge, Stauros, and the Gospel Mission.

I also read about evangelism.

Here are some of the books that I found helpful in the early days:

'How to bring men to Christ' by RA Torrey

'He won them for Christ: 30 Conversions under Spurgeon's Ministry' Eric Hayden

I believe in evangelism' David Watson

'Presenting Jesus in the open air' Mike Sprenger

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