Thursday, June 6, 2013

Discerning the Body: An Examination & Refutation of Needed Truth Doctrines. By L.W.G Alexander

L.W.G Alexander was teacher and preacher in the Churches of God: he was a contributer to 'Needed Truth' and he also edited the magazine for a period of time. Alexander is one of the brethren who would eventually leave the Churches of God along with many other leaders and bible teachers. Alexander left the movement in 1906. The following is a pamphlet he published which outlines the false teaching within the Churches of God.
As a former member of the Churches of God, I find the truths in this pamphlet very powerful and compelling. Although I do not endorse all that he says, many of the following truths are the same truths that I have arrived at through my own study of the scriptures and examination of the doctrines which I was taught by the Church of God when I first came to Christ. Any believer who is seeking to understand the teachings of the Church of God against the teaching of scripture should read the following book by L.W.G Alexander.
I trust that my review of Park's work, along with the following pamphlet from a former Church of God bible teacher, will help to highlight some of the more exclusive claims that are believed by the Church of God. I also hope that it is of help to anyone who may be considering joining a Church of God, or members who are in a church of God but have unanswered questions, or perhaps former members who find themselves in a spiritual wasteland either because they feel condemned because they are considered by their former fellowship to be an 'erring saint' or who are perhaps struggling to adapt into the life of a different fellowship. I pray that the Lord will guide you into all truth and that you will know the fulness of your inheritance, as member in God's house, with all the saints, who call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thanks to Tom at Brethren Archives for making the following images (book) available to me. For more documents relating to Brethren history visit:


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